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Engraved Nameplates

Our highly skilled nameplate engravers will uniquely customise your plate

Trusted Nameplate Engravers

Engraved Nameplates For Desks

Decorate your desk to highlight your position and make it yours.

ATOZ have many attractive styles with many materials and in huge variety of fonts. We can engrave and colour your logo for outside or indoor use. 

We can construct nameplates from a variety of materials plastics, stainless steel, brass, aluminium or acrylic. Just let us know what your requirements are and you will soon be in possession of your very own engraved nameplate.

High Tech Engravers

We can engrave your nameplate through a variety of methods. Using the most cutting edge engraving technology ensures that our impressions are of the highest quality. We also employ some of the most skilled jewellers available for our hand engravings.

Our positive ATOZ Reviews will leave you assured of our quality of work and our focus on customer service. We are among the highest rated in our industry for good reason.

Engraved nameplates for desks
quality nameplate engravings

Some Of Our Engraving Services

We will handle your nameplate with the greatest care, ensuring it is in your possession quickly and in perfect condition.

How To Receive Your Engraved Nameplate

Based in the Glasgow area, we are perfectly situated to receive your nameplate quickly and safely. You can drop off in-person or join one of our many customers who prefer to send their watch securely by mail. We will keep you informed of your engraving commission throughout.

Complete Our Form

Filling in our simple form below will ensure that we receive all the information we need to begin the engraving process.

Post Securely Or Drop Off

Once we have replied to your form inquiry you then decide either to drop off your nameplate or post using our instructions.

Wear It Again

You will be kept fully informed of the engraving process and it will be returned to you in perfect condition.

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Nameplate Engraving Form

Max. file size: 256 MB.
Max. file size: 256 MB.
Max. file size: 256 MB.