My watch is broken what do I do

My watch is broken what do I do

Life  would be perfect if everything stayed as it was but alas change is the one constant. If it has been caused by an impact of sorts first thing to do is assess the damage.

Firstly check is the watch still functioning and is power getting to it?Is the Glass or screen cracked?

Check the hands are in position and are operational, maybe try setting the time.

Look at the hands whilst rotating are they moving freely without undulating on a horizontal plane?

If digital display are all the numbers displaying correctly or are there black spots where it was once clear are the functions still visible.

Next examine the case for any dents or deep scratches pay attention to the bezel and where the glass or screen contacts the case edge is it impacted if so take note as this may involve a new case or soldering by a skilled craftsmen.

Now make sure all your buttons, stem and crown are operational and functoning correctly and if automatic that the weight is moving freely and powering the watch.

After this pay attention to your strap or bracelet make sure it will still secure the watch and is free of any scratches or dents.

It recommended to write down all the faults you have found and how it differs from the normal condition of your watch, i.e losing time,etc.

Then take some photographs of the watch if possible, good for before and after results and handy for insurance purposes.

The next thing to do is make sure all your parts if loose can be put in a container or small plastic bag keep away from magnets to pick up small pieces of metal or watch hands it can effect their performance and they may need demagnatising by a professional. Plasticine is good in these situations or sticky tape.

You should then wrap the watch carefully before sending to a watchmaker to obtain a quotation for repairs, we have found the best materials for this is often bubble wrap ensure many layers to minimize any buffering and further damage in transit.

We also recommend in addition to this you use a bubble type jiffy bag rather than an envelope. please be aware some watchmakers do charge for an estimate others don’t please check before sending.

On receipt of the quotation you have a decision to make either get the watchmaker to proceed with the repair or just leave it and have your watch returned to you. Please be aware some watchmakers may charge you for this service.