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Watch Battery Replacement

We can replace watch batteries for almost any timepiece


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Simple And Affordable Watch Battery Replacements

Professional Watch Battery Replacement

You need a watch battery replacement, if your watch stops working quartz watches are powered by watch batteries, which usually last for approximately 2 years depending on usage functions and the movement. Then they run out of power causing your watch to stop.

You then contact us for a professional watch battery replacement service near you. We offer an ONE YEAR GUARANTEE on all watch batteries fitted. This gives you complete peace of mind. We also cover the whole of the UK using our secure postal service, so you can send us your watch from the comfort of your own home but also if you are local we fit watch batteries at our Motherwell office in Eurocentral on regular basis. So most of the time we can do the same day if required of us.

Just A Few Of The Batteries We Replace

We have replaced batteries for almost every brand of watch available. If you do not see your brand below, contact us using our forms and we’ll get back to you quickly with an accurate quote.

Our Watch Battery Replacement Process

Our watch battery replacement process is designed to ensure you receive the correct battery for your watch with no errors.

Provide Us With Your Watch Specifications

  • Photograph your watch
  • Add it to our contact system and text or email you confirmation of receipt
  •  Inspection of watch noting any faults and clean of the case back
  • Removal of a case back using professional case back openers
  • Inspection of gaskets for integrity
  • Testing of Quartz movement circuit to assess voltage output of the movement
  •  Testing of movement hands, etc to ensure it is not a mechanical problem
  • Removal and test of existing watch battery
  • Cleaning of contacts removal of salt or detritus if any with peg wood
  • Check existing watch battery is appropriate for the watch movement
  •  Fit new watch battery and a check is working properly
  • Clean the Gaskets and where appropriate case gasket gully and case back
  • If required replace Case back gasket.
  • We then silicone grease the gaskets and case back to assist waterproofing capabilities
  • Case back is fitted
  •  Watch is set to correct time and where possible is put on test
  • If appropriate a waterproof / water resistance test is undertaken
  • Results, if fail, reported why if pass move to next stage
  • Clean of the bracelet is undertaken
  • If watch strap integrity tested if ok passed if not advisory note applied
  • Watch returned to the owner with one year guarantee activated
  • Watch reminder battery is issued via system 18 months via text or email
  • A finished watch is Photographed
  • A donation is activated to B1G1
  • Gratitude Certificate is issued
Quartz watch battery replacement

Complete Our Form

Filling in our simple form below will ensure that we receive all the information we need to begin our watch repair process.

Post Securely Or Drop Off

Once we have replied to your form inquiry you then decide either to drop off your watch or post using our instructions.

Wear It Again

You will be kept fully informed of your Rado watch repair process, and it will be returned looking as good as new.

Quartz Watch Battery Replacement

Quartz watch batteries need to be removed and fitted as quickly as possible as used failed expended batteries can have a risk of leakage which can affect the contacts which may need to be replaced or worse still the dial and watch components which could cause the movement to fail completely.

There are over 40 different watch battery types the most common are made from Silver Oxide and Lithium. We only use batteries from quality tested reliable manufacturers and date rotate our stock to ensure you are getting a fresh battery, not one that has been in stock for 2 years before use. This it means you get a longer life from your watch battery replacement.

In our workshop we fit watch batteries to all types of fashion watches, including Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs, Armani Exchange, Diesel, Armani, Hugo Boss, Daniel Wellington, Karen Millen, Seiko, Rotary and Citizen please don’t worry if you don’t see your brand featured if it has a watch battery in it we can most certainly fit a new one for you. Waterproof/ water resistance testing is offered as an additional service on all fashion watches. All at very reasonable prices.

We also undertake the very reasonably priced replacement of watch batteries to more expensive models from Patek Phillipe, Rolex, Omega, Tag Heuer, Breitling, Cartier, Longines, Gucci, Raymond Weil, Ebel, Montblanc, and Tissot. All these brands include a water resistance/ waterproof test as the standard. This is not a comprehensive list if you don’t see your brand featured here then please get in touch we are sure to be able to assist.

Our Client Testimonials

I had to get my wifes watch battery replaced and wanted my own watch polished. Tom responded to my request immediately and I was able to drop off my watch in morning and take it away same day.
Barry Gray
Very professional and friendly. Great knowledge of the industry also. Will 100% use again and will also recommend to anyone.
Jason Robertson
Replaced batteries in my 2 watches. They were needed back within 24 hours and the company was spot on! I dropped them off and, once I found the place, (a bit of a maze!) this company was quick and professional. I would definitely use them again.
Michelle Wilson
Completed watch and Jewellery repair
Handed 5 watches in which included 2 very good watches for new batteries. Thought they would take a couple of days. Actually got them back within a couple of hours all cleaned , sealed and working perfectly .. Delighted with them all. Very affordable.. Fantastic service... Will absolutely recommend and use again. !!
Cheryl Irvine
Called in the morning to ask to get my watch resized, 2 hours later I arrived at the company, 10 minutes later I left a happy customer. Very good, affordable service
Ian Gold
I was quoted £250 for a repair by Gucci for my watch bracelet took it to Atoz Watch and Jewellery Repair while searching for a watch repair service in Motherwell and he sorted it out for £20.00 great and very quick friendly service would highly recommend to any one.
Jackie Robson

Generally,  it is recommended to replace  your watch battery as soon as possible as it can leak corrosive fluids that can cause corrosion and shorting of connections that can cause the movement to fail and need  replacing which can be very expensive.

The quick answer is no, there are generally two types of watch battery Silver Oxide and Lithium. There is for a small usually very cheap watches a third option which is Alkaline. Watch batteries have many identifiers but are usually identified by a product number such as 377, 391, 371, etc. 

It is vital to use the appropriate watch battery for your quartz movement for several reasons, primarily it ensure that the correct amount of power is delivered to ensure your watch functions to its best capacity for eample Silver Oxide Watch Batteries come in two types of battery cells High Drain and Low Drain. The quality of manufacture and shelf life of the batteries are also a consideration as there can be issues with poor quality batteries leaking and causing watch movement damage or in some cases failure. We only use Rennata top quality Swiss Watch Batteries for your peace of mind.

Yes, when requested after a battery and reseal we conduct a waterproof test to ensure the seals integrity.

Yes, no problem we offer an excellent postal service covering whole of the UK. The turnaround is quick and prices are very competitive.

Five Star Google Review

Just had battery replacement and service done on Tag Heuer and Raymond Weil watches. I was originally attracted by the very competitive prices and initially that actually caused some concern. Needn't have worried for a second. Dealt with Tom who was very professional , knowledgeable and a good communicator. On top of that they obviously understand customer service which was exemplary and the work was undertaken really quickly with updates received as it progressed. A real pleasure to do business with them and we have now given them a family heirloom clock to see if it can be repaired. Honestly can't recommend them highly enough. Brilliant.

Another Five Star Google Review

Just got back my two watches from Tom replaced the batteries (where no one else could get the back off them Tom did) great job very delighted with them. Will recommend Tom and his staff to everyone I know. Excellent service. BrianCobbold from Carrickfergus.
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