Watch Glass Replacement

We offer a professional Watch Glass Replacement Service on a local and national basis so if you have a watch you have dropped and the glass has shattered or has severe scratches then we can replace it or effect a watch glass repair returning your watch to its best condition. We have a convenient postal service where you can send the watch for a free estimate and if the price does not suit we will return it to you at no cost. You can also if local to the Motherwell area just drop the watch into our workshop at Eurocentral.

We can repair all branded watches and have the facility to make custom watch glasses to replace the old ones if required. Popular brands for watch replacement are Hugo Boss, Michael Kors, Fossil, Marc Jacobs, Daniel Wellington, Seiko, Citizen, Limit, Tissot, Longines, Tag Heuer, Rolex, Patek Phillipe, Cartier, and Omega.

Watch Glass Replacement

There are generally 3 types of watch glass materials utilised in the industry:

Mineral Watch Glass

This is the most common type of watch glass it is treated by heat and can come in some cases with a specialised coating and chemicals that assist in increasing scratch resistance. Many of the Fashion Brands use this type of glass in their more popular models. It is relatively easy to source original watch glasses for these and has your watch looking as good as new.

Sapphire Watch Glass

This watch glass is more associated with more expensive watches Sapphire glass is very scratch resistant and on the Moh scale is just below diamond in terms of hardness. The crystal is a man made from crystalised Aluminium Oxide and is very transparent and has good light refraction

Acrylic Watch Glass

Acrylic is essentially a plastic it is very durable transparent and flexible. It is used a lot in Children’s watches as it is very light. It is very prone to light scratching but can be rectified by polishing with special compounds.

Custom Watch Glass Repair

Watch Glasses come in a variety of shapes and sizes occasionally we come across obsolete or unusual shapes primarily from vintage pocket watches or vintage watches. Here is where we can really help we can measure and source from our many suppliers the correct watch glass for your precious watch. At very reasonable prices with our free estimate policy if the price does not make sense to you then we can return your watch free of charge.