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Our Zenith Servicing Process

Based in the Glasgow area, we are perfectly situated to receive your broken watch quickly and safely. You can drop off in-person or join one of our many customers who prefer to send their watch securely by mail. We will keep you informed of our watch restoration process throughout.

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Once we have replied to your form inquiry you then decide either to drop off your watch or post using our instructions.

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You will be kept fully informed of your Armani watch repair process, and it will be returned to you looking as good as new.

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    Trusted Zenith Servicing Specialists

    Zenith Watch Repair Experts

    Here at Atoz Watch And Jewellery Repairs, our master watch makers will return your Zenith timepiece to its former glory. Our watch servicing includes Zenith kinetic watch repair and vintage Zenith watch repair.

    We have decades’ experience servicing watches for our customers. Sourcing only authentic Zenith parts for our servicing ensures that your watch servicing is carried out to the highest standard – and we are so confident in our work that we offer a one-year guarantee on all repairs.

    Our detailed contact form is designed in such a way that we can almost immediately reply to enquiries with an accurate quote for their specific requirements. This simplifies and speeds up the process significantly, quickly freeing you to drop off or post your watch for servicing and allowing us to get to work.

    You can track the status of your repair and are free to contact us at any time to receive updates and developments on your soon-to-be serviced watch

    We simplify the process by use of a detailed contact form that allows us to get back to you immediately with a quote for your Zenith watch servicing. Then you are free to quickly post or drop off your watch for us to restore to its former glory.

    We will keep you well informed of any developments and will be available should you have any questions regarding your repair.

    Our Atoz customer reviews speak to the level of quality each and every one of our customers receives.

    Newly serviced Zenith watch

    Our Watch Repair Services

    • Zenith watches leather strap replacement
    • General watch strap repairs, including clasps and bracelets
    • Zenith watch glass replacement
    • Zenith battery replacement¬†
    • Watch cleaning
    • Zenith servicing
    • Watch waterproof testing
    • Kinetic watch repair
    • Vintage Zenith watch repair

    We will handle your watch with the greatest care, ensuring it is returned to you fully serviced and working perfectly.

    Quality Watchmakers

    One of the reasons we are so successful in the watch restoration industry is thanks to our highly skilled watch and clock makers.

    As time goes by, these quality craftsmen are becoming less and less common, which is why we take great care to seek out and employ only those watchmakers with the highest reputation for quality and expertise. 

    This ensures that each and every one of our customers receives the highest quality repair available, and, as a result, our excellent reputation continues to grow.